Trek across the Pyrenees
Free maps and a book you can buy
Free maps and a book you can buy
New updated edition of book published February 2017
Maps to traverse the Pyrenees

But buying the book will improve the experience!

Days 1-5 Hendaye to Roncesvalles
Days 6-10 Roncesvalles to La Pierre St Martin
Days 11-16 La Pierre St Martin to Refuge d'Arrémoulit
Days 17-20 Refuge d'Arrémoulit to Gavarnie
Days 21-25 Gavarnie to Refugio de Viados
Days 26-30 Refugio de Viados to Refugi de la Restanca
Days 31-36 Refugi de la Restanca to Refugi Vallferrera
Days 37-41 Refugi Vallferrera to Refuge des Bésines
Days 42-44 Refuge des Bésines to Refugi d'Ull de Ter
Days 45-48 Refugi d'Ull de Ter to Amélie les Bains
Days 49-51 Amélie les Bains to Banyuls sur Mer

Key: red line = my personal preferred route in good weather, other colours = route variations; light bulbs = recommended start and stop points at end of each day, always with staffed accommodation (apart from two exceptions on a variant route Days 31-36); coloured circles = principal mountain passes on route; coloured squares = other significant features such as villages and other possible accommodation (not necessarily staffed) on route; white circles = major nearby peaks.
Basic navigation for those not familiar with Google maps
(Note, these navigation tips have been tested on a PC, an Apple laptop computer and an ipad-mini. Doubtless some other devices will vary.
The panel to the left side of the map contains basic information, including a list of the route lines and different features (light bulbs, coloured circle and boxes, and white circles). The panel may be compressed which enables you to see more of the map area.
A square in the bottom left-hand corner gives a choice between a basic overview map and a satellite image map. Click on or touch the square according to your device.
By clicking and holding your click anywhere on the map, you may move it around the screen. On the ipad-mini and other tablets, move the map around with your finger.
Click (or press with your finger on the ipad-mini and other tablets) on a feature to find basic information about it in a pop-up box (the book provides more).
Typically you will want to magnify a section of the map to show in more detail a particular day of the route between two light bulbs. Occasionally you will want to magnify even more to show some intricacy of the route. The satellite image map at very large magnification may even show you the actual path on the ground. Click (press with your finger on ipad-mini and other tablets) the + and - buttons that are located at the bottom right hand corner to magnify and reduce. Tip: use these buttons on your tablet for changing size, rather than expanding and reducing via finger touch on the screen. Doing the latter will magnify and reduce the map, but will also do the same to the features that are marked on the route, which you don't necessarily want to happen.
Go to my blog for commentary and updates on the maps.